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Lace jewelry - delicate or bright image.

10 Oct 2020
For bride’s soft image.

Lace wedding decorations create an unusual soft image of the bride, they look delicate, elegant and can help you to be unique and delightful. One of their advantages is that they are lightweight, earrings do not stretch the ears, and the bracelet gently touches your wrist so you feel yourself comfortable in a very important day.

For a bright image.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to choose accessories for a graduate or evening dress. The ideal way is to create it choosing threads suited to dress’ ton and adding glitter with beads and pendants of Swarovski. Today lace dresses or lace elements in clothes are very fashionable. Lace jewelry will become a harmonious combination and continuation of a complex and unique image. Lace jewelry for an evening dress or business suit can provide not only tenderness to the image, but also a bright accent, for example, a brooch or ring. As for handmade work will emphasize your individuality.

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