Earrings hearts with butterfly wings. Crochet fine handmade jewelry PSK

7 Dec 2021
Last week we talked about our pioneer of miniature crocheting - the heart earrings. Today we will tell you about what grew out of that successful experiment ...
Of course, the real heart wings! With air loops, smaller than the end of the match. And that′s all - double, treble, quadruple, and other stitches! It′s really uneasy)

Of course, this was done for the soul and the sake of the experiment. Like many things that are being done for the first time. Perhaps this will remain our limit in miniature. At least for the foreseeable future. It′s just that even if we take magnifying optics, then I do not yet know where to look for a finer yarn. So this is our craftsmanship`s limit of the miniature today.
Not the metal part, which in the following samples we will replace with a more elegant one, but the crocheted one.

Truly, much in the design of our products is constantly changing and getting even better, but the butterfly wings` design remains unchanged for a long time. As the chief designer of PSK, I have no idea what could be improved there. And I′m not alone. Perhaps this is the very ′straight line′ that can`t be straightened. Time will show.

In the meantime - admire this delicate work and, of course, share, please, any of your thoughts and comments on this matter. Especially critical! They help us become even better.

By the way, in miniature, I felt the limit for myself. For example, I cannot crochet the tail of a mouse on such a scale - it just shrinks and that′s it!

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