Working with «Marketplace Ads»

12 Jul 2016

To activate the services «Raise to Top», «Highlight background» or «Top Deals» please tick in the appropriate line of work and service column and click «Activate».

If you have many products, you can sort them by category.

There is an opportunity to cancel the activated advertising services as «Highlight background” and «Top Deals».

Attention! When the service is cancelled the cost for its activation is not compensating.

Yo activate the advertising function «Similar Products» you need to click on the button «Enable» near the appropriate product.

You have an opportunity to set the daily limit on the payment of this service. It means that if, for example, the limit 4 CAD/day is set up, then after the 4th click your products disappear from the block «Similar products» and appear on the next day.

You can cancel the activation of the service at any moment.

So the funds are written-off only from the authorized users and only one time within product/user.

Statistics show the last 10 days with clicks (only paid clicks are displayed in the statistics).

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