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4 Apr 2017
As soon as the customer submits a purchase request for your product, you will immediately get the notification about it to your email and also a message to the phone number specified during the registration.

The request is saved on the page “My orders”. On this page you can correspond with the customer, clarify the details and issues of delivery and payment and also look through all the information about the order and correspondence history.

When you receive the order, the first thing you should do is to contact the customer. And the sooner you do it, the better because usually the customer expects the order to be completed as quickly as possible. You can contact the customer by writing him a message on the site or calling to the specified phone number.

The order status gives your Customers an opportunity to find out any time what the order stage is.

There are several order statuses:

Approve order - click only when you are ready to complete the order or when the product is available.

Mark as paid – if the customer has sent you money or you have agreed on payment.

Mark as send - click and so you inform the customer that the order is sent.

Close order – confirmation about the successful deal between the seller and the customer.

As soon as the customer receives the desired product, he will give the feedback on the quality of your product and your business qualities in order to recommend you as the reliable craftsman to other customers. If the customer didn’t give the feedback you can remind him about it by message or phone call.

Important! If for any reason the purchase has failed - it is necessary to cancel the order and to clarify the reason of cancelation.

*If the order wasn’t closed (or cancelled) during 2 weeks from the moment of application (or the end of production terms), and if there are no agreements on a delay in the dialogues specifying the approximate dates,- the order will be considered closed and will demand payment according to the terms of your tariff plan.


The customer’s contact information you can see in the field “Shipping address”:

To see the customer’s additional information:
- Registration date;
- Number of closed and cancelled orders;
- Number of left feedbacks;
- Complaints from the Sellers.

You should click on the button “…” neat the name of the Customer.


The button “Add note” is created for the craftsman, the customer doesn’t see the notes that were added by the craftsman with the help of this button.

Clicking on the button “Add note”, the craftsman can leave the note for himself, for example in order not to forget some nuance about the order.

When you refresh the page, the note will be saved. To change the note you should click on the button “Change note”.

ATTENTION! If the customer didn’t make an order through the button “Buy”, but the sale took place through the message, then the craftsman should make an order himself from the customer’s name.


To add the order to the system from the customer’s name, you should click on the button “Add order” in the section “My orders”.

You will see the window for the order registration.

Fill in the necessary fields and click on the button “Add order”.

The order will appear in the tab “New orders”.


Pay your attention that the order amount should correspond the reality and if the price of the product is changed during the process of discussion with the Customer, then the order amount should be changed also.

You can use this opportunity of changing the order amount on the stages of order fulfilment “New” or “Confirmed”. If there is a necessity to change the order amount on another stage – you should contact the Administration with the help of the message.

To change the order amount click on the button “Change order amount”.

Specify the amount and click “Send request”.


The Seller has an opportunity to report a complaint against the Customer and warn other Sellers about the possible cases of fraud.

To look through the complaints against the Customer, you should click on the button “Complaints”.

To report a complaint against the Customer click on the button “Complaint”.

Choose the type of compliant from the list and click on the button “Add”.

Your complaints are not anonymous and that is why please be responsible while reporting the complaint.

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