How to set up the cost and the time of shipping?

15 Oct 2018
The cost and the time of shipping can be set up in your profile-shop or on the pages of products view.

You can set up the cost and the time of the shipping of every method of shipping inside the country and to other countries for the international trade.

Choose the country, the shipping service and they method of shipping (address delivery or to the post office)

You can count the estimated shipping cost of your products by every service delivery with the help of the calculator.

Specify the time frame for preparing the purchase before sending (if it is needed) and the shipping cost.

You can specify “The basic shipping cost”. If the shipping cost for the specific product is not mentioned, this cost will be used by default.

You can also set up the free shipping for all products or for some definite ones.

You can specify the sum from which the shipping will be free.

You can also specify the cost for the international shipping.

The filters are added for the convenience of work with larger quantity of goods.

The more shipping methods with the cost you will specify, the easier it will be for your clients to make the decision with the purchase and also it will considerably accelerate the process of product order.

Attention! You can specify the shipping cost for those ways of shipping and directions that were specified in the shop settings.

If you received a new order and need to change the way of delivery for it, you can do it on the page My orders with the help of the special button before the stage “Paid”.

When you change the order status to “Order is sent”- you have an opportunity to give the customer the tracking code.

When the tracking code is specified, both you and the customer can track the parcel shipping on the site of the delivery service by pushing the button “Track the parcel”.

Attention! When the customer sets several orders at once, the fixed shipping cost is added to each of them. In this case you can specify the shipping cost for one of the orders and choose the free shipping for the others.
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