pictured here Handmade ceramic 3-row necklace «LADYBUG» with «antique bronze» fittings
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Handmade ceramic 3-row necklace «LADYBUG» with «antique bronze» fittings

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Handmade Ukrainian ceramic necklace of three rows of beads made of natural ceramic clay with «antique bronze» fittings. The longest row has 3 cross-leaves (2 * 1.3 cm) with the image of a small ladybug (5 mm) of «antique bronze» in the front included between the ceramic beads.
Ceramic beads come in different sizes (columns larger and smaller, round). There are some more small «antique bronze» pieces between beads in all 3 rows.
«Antique bronze» closing.
Inner length is 45 cm (approximately 17.7 inches).
It is of light brown color with orange, yellow and red undertones. Unfortunately, it may not show the exact color on your screen due to variations in computer monitors.
LADYBUG is symbol of the Mother of God, symbol of the sun, symbol of good luck, amulet.
Since ancient times, a ladybug in the Catholic countries was considered an insect of the Mother of God; its red color symbolized the cloak of the Virgin Mary. Ladybug symbolized luck. Jewelry with this insect is a powerful amulet.
For many peoples, this insect was associated with the supreme solar deity. Therefore, the ladybug is often affectionately called the sun, the sun beetle.
The decoration with the image of a ladybug will be a wonderful talisman for you.
Ladybug in the form of jewelry can change your life for the better, attract good luck. Such jewelry will help to become more feminine, relaxed.
The tradition of wearing ceramic clay necklaces, having passed through the ages, has survived to this day and has now become a brand of modern ethnic clothing.
Ceramic corals are not just a decoration, but also a charm and even medicine. Such ceramic corals treat the thyroid gland, preventing it from enlarging.

All the jewelry I make for you, I make with love!

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Size Довжина намиста навколо шиї по внутрішній стороні 44-45см
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