pictured here Thread Mandala Pendant Hematite

Thread Mandala Pendant Hematite

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Mandala pendant made of threads. You can not only carry it on yourself, but also hang it, for example, in a car.

Pendant-mandala made of threads and natural stones. You can not only carry it on yourself, but also hang it, for example, in a car.

Beads in a circle - agate, in the center - aventurine bead, pendant - cat′s eye.

This bright and beautiful pendant-amulet carries good and solar energy and is a powerful protector.
Amulets protect from evil forces, diseases and impure thoughts, drive away trouble and damage, give strength. The main purpose of the amulet is to push away any negativity that can affect a person.

The amulet will become a wonderful, special gift with meaning, worthy of decorating its owner or his interior.

Mentions of hematite as the strongest magic stone are found in the books and writings of many ancient peoples. Sorcerers and shamans used it in their rituals to summon spirits, they were painted with magic symbols and protective circles. It was believed that a cross decorated with hematite drives away evil spirits, and if this stone is placed on the image of a demon or a deceased person, it will awaken the spirit. Magic mirrors made of hematite allowed diviners to see the past and look into the future.
In addition to witchcraft, people believed in the protective properties of the stone. It was worn to protect them from the evil eye, mothers put amulets on children to protect them from accidents, Roman soldiers decorated shields with hematite. For the Egyptians, the stone was a symbol of the cult of Isis, scarab beetles were made from it, which served as earthly guardians of the goddess.
The main healing properties of hematite are associated with its effect on the human circulatory system. It cleanses the blood, strengthens blood vessels, and normalizes hemoglobin levels. For wounds and cuts, hematite stops bleeding, relieves inflammation and promotes quick healing. In addition, the mineral has a tonic effect on the body and can raise blood pressure, so it is recommended for people with low blood pressure, but hypertensive patients should wear it with caution.
Size 2.56 inch
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