pictured here Pendant Crowned Maltese Cross, natural rauchtopaz, handmade

Pendant Crowned Maltese Cross, natural rauchtopaz, handmade

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The power of an ancient royal family.
I have lived on planet Earth for a long time and I know a lot about talismans, amulets, and in general, about apotropes. I know which minerals can affect health, wealth, luck, turn the situation around, and even change fate. Over the past three decades, I have repeatedly observed the results of this influence. But without the energy of the master, nothing works. The most important condition for the birth of a talisman or amulet is that it must be created manually, because our world develops only with the interaction of living energies. I am the creative part of this energy. Everything that I have created is aimed at helping you, and you will feel it when you pick up any of my work. Each time you touch the Crowned Maltese Cross or put on this amulet, you will feel how your space is gradually changing for the better.

Characteristics of the main stone rauchtopaz:
Size 12x12 mm; weight: 5.5 ct, calibrated neat without inclusions, origin and cut: India (Jaipur, Rajasthan).
Rauchtopaz or kerngorm is a stone of calmness, serenity, awareness and self-confidence.
The beauty of smoky quartz-topaz is that it is versatile: it will suit both the stronger sex and beautiful ladies.
Ideal talisman for creative people and mages.
The most important property attributed to rauchtopaz is the ability to neutralize electromagnetic fields and cleanse the environment of harmful radiation.
Esotericists pay special attention to the fact that smoky quartz dissipates negative emotions and negative energy formations.
How else will the mineral help?
It has a calming effect on the nervous system, is a powerful talisman against the evil eye and damage, protects the owner from negative energy, helps to get rid of the creative crisis, and harmonizes the inner state of a person.

- antique styling
- high quality handmade work
- beautiful natural stone
- does not require special care, does not wear out
- a rare collectible item
- single copy

Materials: natural rauchtopaz, brass silver plating, cubic zirkonia champagne, cubic zirkonia ruby, velvet case
Size: pictured. Chain length 52.5 cm.

Our works have settled in collections in many countries around the world. You will learn about us by typing the search key: Mila Avadi.
Size Chain length - 52.5 cm; pendant: 64mm x 94mm
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