Glass Watch Box with drawer for 8 watches

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Glass Watch Box with drawer for 8 watches
A wooden organizer for watches with a drawer is an irreplaceable accessory. It is not so easy to find the right place
for all accessories - cufflinks, watches and watch bands, bracelets, bow ties, and glasses - all this will find a place in a
drawer. The size of the lower drawer, depending on the number of watches, differs in width, but has the same depth
and height, the standard slot size for a watch is 60x80x65 mm (2.4x3.1x2.6”). The watch pillows are made of velour
and come with a wooden watch box. Ideal for any watch with a strap. We make watch boxes with a glass or wooden
lid. There is a version of this item available with a woodglass lid and withwithout a drawer.
The size of the box for watches and the inner size of the drawer depends on the number of slots:
4 - 141х180x149 mm - 118х153х50 mm
(5.6x7.1x5.9” - 4.6x6x2”);
6 - 208x180x149 mm - 185х153х50 mm
(8.2x7.1x5.9” - 7.3x6x2”);
8 - 275x180x149 mm - 252х153х50 mm
(10.8x.7.1x5.9” - 9.9x6x2”);
10 - 342x180x149 mm - 319х153х50 mm
(13.5x7.1x5.9” - 12.6x6x2”);
12 - 409x180x149 mm - 386х153х50 mm
(16.1x7.1x5.9” - 15.2x6x2”).
The product is being sold in a neat, recyclable cardboard box. At the customer’s request, we can add a gift wrap or
enclose a greeting card with your message. We also can engrave your initials, favorite quote, or business logo on your
product, or even change a construction according to your request. The logo will be engraved using a laser machine,
giving it extremely fine detailing.
Each item is handmade and finished with natural oil to bring out the rich wood color and texture. Your item may vary
in color as each piece has individual and unique wood and grain characteristics.
Material: high-quality walnut wood, coated with natural oils.
Made in Ukraine according to all ecological standards.
Size 8 - 275x180x149 mm - 252х153х50 mm (10.8x.7.1x5.9” - 9.9x6x2”).
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