Wooden ring box «Fidelity»

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A box for rings is an irreplaceable thing; if you plan to give your loved one an expensive ring, earrings, or similar jewelry - the box should also be appropriate!
Strong walnut wood will become a symbol of strong and long-term relationships. High-quality metal hardware, magnets, premium velvet of almost any color, the highest quality of the product, and the possibility of personal engraving will make the box an indispensable accessory when presenting a piece of jewelry, and the emotions from receiving a gift will become many times richer!
5 different shapes of boxes for rings (′Fidelity′, ′Shell′, ′Faith′, ′Pillar′, ′Blaze′) will help you to choose the one that can reveal your idea in the best possible way and give you the brightest feelings!
Personalized engraving (it can be a family coat of arms, a logo, just text, or a black and white photograph) on wood will make this product very sincere and close to the person who receives it.
Product outer dimension: 52х52х37 mm (2x2x1.5”).
The product is being sold in a neat, recyclable cardboard box. At the customer’s request, we can add a gift wrap or enclose a greeting card with your message. We also can engrave your initials, favorite quote, or business logo on your product, or even change the construction according to your request. The logo will be engraved using a laser machine, giving it extremely fine detailing.
Each item is handmade and finished with natural oil to bring out the rich wood color and texture. Your item may vary in color as each piece has individual and unique wood and grain characteristics.
Material: high-quality walnut wood, coated with natural oils, luxury velvet, neodymium magnets metal hardware.
Made in Ukraine according to all ecological standards.
Size 52х52х37 mm or 2x2x1.5 inch
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