pictured here Choker necklace made of blue aventurine ′Milky Way′
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Choker necklace made of blue aventurine ′Milky Way′ Choker necklace made of blue aventurine ′Milky Way′ Choker necklace made of blue aventurine ′Milky Way′

Choker necklace made of blue aventurine ′Milky Way′

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Spectacular necklace - a choker made of dark blue sparkling aventurine in the form of a spiral. Ideal for those who are allergic to metals as the design of the necklace eliminates skin contact with metal. Length 50 cm. There is a ring in the form of a spiral for the set. Spiral shapes are very common in nature, from spiral galaxies to whirlpools and tornadoes, from mollusk shells to human finger prints, and even the DNA molecule has the shape of a double helix. The spiral is a very complex and ambiguous symbol. But first of all, it is a symbol of the great creative (life) force both at the level of the cosmos and at the level of the microcosm. The spiral is a symbol of time, cyclic rhythms, the change of seasons, birth and death, the phases of ′aging′ and ′growth′ of the Moon, as well as the Sun itself.

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Size Length 50 cm
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