pictured here  Lariat with the brooch ′Orchid′. Knitted lingonberry plait

Lariat with the brooch ′Orchid′. Knitted lingonberry plait

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The soul of the orchid is pure and beautiful
Proud, independent in the world of flowers.
Precisely untouched by the charms of a genius,
Invisibly instills the majesty of the gods.
The kingdom of the celestial flower is full
Harmony of lines and smoothness of features.
Drives crazy with aromas, like
Pleasant, intoxicating delirium

A mysterious and unusual flower always catches the eye. The brooch and lariat are made of two shades of lilac-lingonberry beads. The beads are transparent, so the brooch looks airy and luminous, which gives it a special charm and charm

The lariat is complemented by beautiful, elegant natural amethyst beads. Brushes with leaves and twigs of coral weave. The jewelry can be worn with or without tassels.
Lariat can be worn as a necklace and as a belt.
The ′Orchid′ brooch can be worn separately or with the lariat.
Brooch Orchid can be worn together with tassels separately from lariat. Attached is a snap hook for attaching the flower to the side rings.

Very airy lariat and orchid glowing in the sun.
The very soft, flexible lariat will allow you to experiment with different knots, and its strength will allow you to wear the lariat as a belt.

Lariat is a long decoration - a transformer, with unconnected ends, it is usually worn by tying it in a knot, the ends of the lariat are decorated with all kinds of tassels. The jewelry has many wearing options.

Lariat will be a wonderful gift for your mother, sister, girlfriend.
The photo does not always accurately reproduce the natural color.
Size Size: The length of the knitted part is 126 cm, the tassels are 12 cm, the diameter of the brooch is 11 cm.
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