The rules of product’s addition

3 Sep 2013
The quantity of attracted clients and rating of represented positions in the Fair’s catalogue and the search engines depend on the quality of product addition.

Product’s addition shouldn’t contradict the Rules of the site.

Recommendations for product’s addition:

1. Type

The type of product -information for the Customer; specifies the presence (absence) of the product, opportunity ( not an opportunity) of customization and also the conditions of product customization.

The more details information about the types of products read in the section Help - What is the type of product?

2. Product’s title

The title of product should provide the Customer an insight into the product itself.

First of all, specify what product you offer in the product’s title and then write the author’s title of product.

1.1 It is recommended not to use brackets in the product’s title except the author’s title.
For example: Notebook “Tenderness” or Necklace “Azure”, here the words Tenderness and Azure are the author’s words and are written in brackets.

1.2 There should not be any external information in the title: words and phrases like “sold”, “booked”, “reservation”, “action”, “ sales”, “discount” etc. such information in the title “litters” it and some words (“sold”, “booked”) can scare off and disappoint potential customers. If your product is sold but you are ready to create something similar, you can give it status “To order” or “As an example”. If the price of the product is decreased, you have an opportunity to inform about the discount using the product’s advertisement service in the section Increase Sales.

1.3 Remember that unnecessary use of capital letters in the product’s title not just makes it difficult to visually perceive the text but also is a sign of bad manners in the internet society.

3. Description

The product’s description should be grammatically correct.

Text should meet the standards of the Russian literary language.
The punctuation norms and the use of special signs should be observed.

There should be gaps ( maximum 1 gap) between the words and also after the punctuations. The extra gaps ( e.g. 2 gaps in a row; “Toy__hair”) or its absence (e.g. “cotton,fleece”) have bad influence on the product’s display in the search engine.


“Women’s cloth: dresses, skirts. Red dress with polka dots.”

Not permitted:
“== Sales!!!!!!! ==”
“Women’s cloth :dresses,skirts.Red dress with polka dots .”

3. It is FORBIDDEN to write in the description or somewhere else on the site the contact details or links to the outside resources! Also it is forbidden to write the internal links in the description, e.g. links to other products or to the shop.

Pay attention that in the process of filling the product you have an opportunity to use the button of preview to see how your page will look like with your information.

4. Brief description

This field can be seen only in the catalogue. The function of the brief description is to highlight the product well in the the catalogue and/or provide insights into the main characteristics of the product.

The examples of the brief description:

“Design cardboard, manual painting”
“Tender for the child skin”
“Done in one-of-a-kind piece”
“Wool, dry felting, size 30 х 10 cm”

5. The size of product

The precise and detailed indications of product’s size will help the Customer to obtain the overall view of the product.

Specifying the sizes, make sure that they will be understandable for the Customer: it will be correct to give the sizes of the clothes in different formats - in ukrainian(42, 44) and in the international (S, M). If, for example, the ring is with the stone - specify the diameter and the size of the stone. The important parameters for the pictures will be the sizes by width and height, for the earrings - their length, for the dolls - height, etc.

6. Category

While adding your product choose the most appropriate for it section. The success of your product, while searches of the potential Customer, depends on the accuracy of product’s addition to the Catalogue. The presence of the products in the inappropriate sections confuses the customers making their search and purchase more difficult.

If you cannot decide with the category contact the Administration please and we will help you in this decision. Also read - How to add category to catalog ?

7. Price

In the fields “Price” only the numerical values are permissible.

The price is specified without pennies if there is no necessity in the price with pennies and without currency. It means that if the Product’s price is - 200 Rub, then in the field “Price RUB” should be written “200” and not “200.00”, “200.00 Rub” or “200 Rub”

If the product consists of a set, then the price should be specified for the set, the price of each product should be written in the description.

The price in the following formats is forbidden:

- Contract price
- From 500 Rub
- 100-200

The system of the site offers to fill in the product’s price in several currencies if you plan to make the international sale but the obligatory are only the fields for RUB and UAH.

You can indicate the price in the shop’s specialized currency ( the field of the price in specialized currency is always the first one in the list) and click on the button “Recalculate the currency” and the price in different currencies will be filled automatically according to the current at that moment course.

8. Color and style

The indication of color and style provides clarifying to the description and helps to delineate the products inside the commercial type.

9. Materials, technology

It is important to fill in the field “Materials” and “ Technology” very attentively, including there all the basic materials and technologies used while creating the products. For example, if the customer will look exactly “wool sweater” and you have such in your shop, but in its description and list of materials the material “wool” is not mentioned, it will be more difficult for the customer to find it. That is why indicate the materials used in the product’s creation.

To add materials and technology to the product click on the button “Add” in the appropriate field and choose the necessary materials and technologies suggested in the list.

The selection of materials and technologies should be optimal - not many and not few. For example, if there is one little bead on the card, then you should not choose the material bead.

If you did not find what suits your product in the list of materials and technologies, specify this material or technology in the Keywords and Description. You can also offer to add a new material or technology to the list, contact the Administration to do it.

We recommend to inform additonaly about the materials and technologies that were used while the product creation in the field “Description”. It will be useful and will help the customer to find your product. For example, you can indicate in the field “Materials”: “Satin ribbons” and in the description to your product specify; “When creating the product the satin ribbons were used.”

10. Keywords

Pay special attention to the correct choice of keywords to the product.

Keywords - are search requests with the help of which the customer will look for your exact product. If you did not indicate any keyword, the customer will not be able to find your product through the text search on the site.

To add the keywords click on the button “Add” in the appropriate field .

In the appeared field begin to enter the keyword or phrase. While entering the system will offer you the list of the existing similar keywords. Choose the word or phrase from the list and finish entering the necessary text yourself and click on “Add” or Enter.

Enter the next keyword. To delete the keyword click on the appropriate button near it.

Keywords should describe the product briefly and substantively. The product′s color also can be as a keyword. Indicate only the keywords or phrases that are directly related to this product and the one that you would use while searching the similar product.

All the words should be written without dot or comma at the end of the word as the keywords “shirt” and “shirt.” the search engine considers as two different requests.

It is necessary to indicate:
The product’s title (picture, box, toy, shoes, etc.);
Fulfilment technology;
Used materials;
For whom ( for men, children, pregnant, etc);
Other words.

The words can be used in any order.

11. Photos and poster

One of simple and effective ways that can attract the potential customers - are the photos.

Remember that the customers in the internet - are usual people who look through the photos at first and only then read the description. Provide the pleasant and realistic photos and new and active clients will not be far ahead!

Photos should correspond to the following requirements:
1. Photo should be in format JPG or JPEG.
2. The size to 8 Mb.
3. The width and height not less 266х150 pixels.
4. It is forbidden to display any contact information or links to the outside resources on the photo. It is possible to display the seller’s personal logotype only if it doesn′t contain any forbidden information mentioned above.

To upload the photo to the product click on the button “Add photo” in the field “Photos” and choose the necessary files on your computer.
You can upload up to 10 photos to one product. After the uload you will have an opportunity to manage the order of photo replacement with the help of the buttons in the column “Change” and also delete the image. So, you can mark the main photo ( photo that will be depicted on the product’s page first) and set the order of replacement of the next photos.

The final and very important step of product’s design - poster’s creation. Poster - is an image of standard size (266 х 150 pixels) and horizontal orientation that will represent your product on the pages of Catalogue and your Profile-shop. Product’s poster is the first thing the customer will see while looking through the Catalogue and that is why he will have the first impression about the product judge from it. The customer will open the page of the product look through all the photos and read the description only if he is attracted to the poster. It is very important to choose the right photo for poster cropping. The aim of poster creation is the cropping of the existing uploaded photo to the size 266х150 pixels.

To create poster choose one of the uploaded photos from the list and click on the cropping icon near this photo in the column “Poster”.

You will see the window for cropping poster. Select the area of photo that you would like to see as poster and click on “Crop”.

The poster is ready.

The product design is over.

Next click on the button “Send product to moderation” if you are the user of tariff plan “New user”. If you use tarifs “10%” or “20-200 products”, you can publish the products at once, not passing the moderation, by clicking the button “Publish”.
1 Sep 2014, 10:09
Спасибо за статью, новенькое узнала для себя.
Отличная статья.
Прекрасная статья. Мне очень помогла, благодарю. Мила.
23 Nov 2014, 22:35
спасибо за статью, все очень доступно и понятно
16 Feb 2015, 20:11
Фото с ног на голову, но при просмотре правильно. Можно редактировать поворот ?
16 Feb 2015, 23:59
Здравствуйте, Генаефа. Функции поворота фото на сайте пока что нет. Можно только повернуть фото на компьютере и загрузить на сайт заново.
Спасибо, было интересно.
Спасибо за статью,полностью ознакомилась,буду теперь применять советы.
10 Mar 2016, 15:48
29 Jun 2016, 21:11
Доброго дня! Не можу додати роботу, всі поля заповнила, не з′являється напис ′опублікувати′ другий день поспіль
9 Oct 2016, 12:11
Спасибо за информацию!
Однако есть и недостатки, например, постер можно сделать только альбомной ориентации, тогда как иногда изделие можно представить только в книжной. Обрезается большая часть, фото не представительное и в результате теряет¿ся покупатель. К тому же размер постера слишком мал, при нынешней фототехнике иногда даже невозможно сделать фото такого маленького размера. Понятно, что сайт экономит ресурс, однако это не очень хорошо для пользователей. Почему бы не поставить просто одно заглавное фото без обрезки?
И ещё момент: добавьте, пожалуйста, в список материалов кид-мохер и полиамид.
9 Oct 2016, 15:59
Здравствуйте, Надежда.

Постер - это картинка, которая будет представлять вашу работу в каталоге. Если вы откроете любую страницу каталога то увидите, что все постеры одного размера - 266х150 пикс. Система позволяет обрезать постер только пропорциональный этим размерам. Но это не значит что вам нужно делать и загружать фото для постера именно такого размера. Функционал сайта позволяет обрезать и масштабировать к таким размерам любое фото. При желании после обраезки постера исходное фото можно удалить.

Если фото ваших работ удлиненныевертикально и вы не можете создать постер, который бы в полной мере отразил вашу работу и устроил вас, то есть 2 выхода:

1. Сделать специально для постера более горизонтальное фото и из него обрезать постер. Тогда можно будет захватить большую часть работы.

2. Добавить в графическом редакторе к существующему фото поля, загрузить его на сайт и из такого фото обрезать постер. Вот примеры таких постеров:

Материалы "Кид-мохер" и "Полиамид" добавлены в список.
Добрый день, скажите, пожалуйста, разместила в магазине коллекцию из шести предметов, абсолютно одинаковых по размеру и в одной технике, но в разной цветовой гамме. Модератор продукт не утверждает, с объяснением:"Разделите, пожалуйста, Вашу работу на несколько отдельных работ, и добавьте в каждую минимум 1 фотографию. Исключение касается только одинаковых изделий разного цвета." Я не понимаю, в чем проблема, все изделия одинаковы, только разного цвета, есть общая фотография и каждого изделия отдельно, и я их, как мастер задумывала именно так, почему я должна что-то менять? И можно, пожалуйста, к комментариям модератора добавить функцию ответа мастера?
16 Nov 2017, 12:04
Здравствуйте, Наталия.
По вопросу ответили вам в личных сообщениях.
18 May 2018, 17:29
Спасибо за информацию!
Добавьте, пожалуйста, в список материалов МДФ.
4 Nov 2019, 12:34
Дякую за інформацію,додайте в списки, скульптурний живопис.
4 Aug 2020, 10:24
Спасибо.Очень полезная информация.
6 Aug 2020, 11:08
Добавьте, пожалуйста в материалы- газбетон, а в списки - резьба по камню. Спасибо.
25 Sep 2020, 19:24
Администрации. респект и уважение, очень доступная информация!
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