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skrami.com - Handmade Marketplace («Platform» for short) – internet portal that allows registered users to post the information about the intention to buy or sell the author’s products and items («Products» for short), made or designed by them. Such products are called «handmade» .

By using the marketplace you confirm that you agree to follow the current User’s agreement («Terms of Use» for short). The administration of the Platform («Administration» for short) reserves the right to change or update the current Terms of Use any time without prior and/or subsequent notification.

You can review the most current version of the Terms of Use at any time at this page https://skrami.com/terms. If you don’t agree to follow the Terms of Use, you can refuse from following them unilaterally by complete phasing out the use of the Platform and giving the written notification to the Administration about the necessity to delete your account. The essential part of the current Terms of Use are:

1. Description of services

All the provided services and opportunities of the Platform and also any update or/and addition of the new services are the subject of the current Term of Use. You acknowledge and agree that all the services are provided «as they are» and that the Platform is not responsible for any delays, service failures, wrong or late delivery, removal or loss of any user’s personal information. However, Administration is obliged to take all reasonable measures to prevent such disruptions.

2. Registration obligations

2.1. To use the services of the Platform, you should submit the accurate, actual and complete information about yourself, your products (or services) that can be requested on the pages of the Platform and regularly update it to ensure its relevance.
2.2. After completing the registration process you will get login and password for access to the services of the Platform. You are wholly responsible for the safety of your login and password, for the actions performed under your login and password and also for any consequences that can cause or caused its use.
2.3. If you give the wrong or not full information or if the Administration has reason to believe that the information given by you is wrong or inaccurate, the Administration has the right to suspend and/or cancel your registration and refuse your login and password use unilaterally .

3. Users and Administration’s responsibility.

3.1. You admit that Administration is not obliged to look through the information, data, text, photos, graphics, messages and other materials («Content» for short) before posting them on the Platform but at the same time has the right to cancel the posting and delete any Content placed on the Platform unilaterally.
3.2. You are wholly responsible for any Content that you post on the Platform and also for any information that you give other Users and also for your interactions with other Users. Administration doesn’t guarantee any privacy regarding any Users’ Content and is not responsible for the legality of its post. After posting Content and information on the Platform (making it available to the users) some types of Content cannot be deleted by the Users and become publicly available. such Content is not deleted by the Administration at the requests of the Users. Such Content can be deleted only in case it is posted by the User with the violation of Terms of Use of the Platform, United States of America law or illegally.
3.3. Platform is an information resource available for public access that is why the Administration is not responsible for any User or third party’s Content posted on the Platform and also makes no warranty of any content, accuracy, relevance or credibility.
3.4. You can post information about the intention to sell only items made by yourself or with your direct intervention. You are obliged to give the accurate and full description of every item characteristic and also to update its relevance. You are not allowed to post Content that was not made by you or you don’t have the permission of the owner.
3.5. It is allowed to post the information about the intention to sell or buy only material, physically tangible Items (not including photos, video, music and other kinds of intellectual activity) on the Platform that are classified as «Handmade». Category «handmade» include the items made with the original author’s idea and are the results of the manual work of the definite person who posted this particular product on the Platform and who is both the author or co-author of this Product.
3.6. The Items that are made by the exclusive design or with the help of the authors original idea but are not considered to be «handmade» and can’t be posted on the Platform: stock-produced and mass-produced products; the items that were mostly made not by the author but by other people; the items that were made using the technological equipment and author didn’t do any considerable manual processing. This paragraph doesn’t apply to the section «Materials» where you can sell any items and materials for the creativity.
3.7. Administration doesn′t take part in the process of deals between Users and doesn′t take responsibility for the quality, safety and other consumer properties of the posted Products and also for the legibility of their sale.
3.8. You agree to fulfil your obligations to other Users of the Platform conscientiously in case of making transactions.
3.9. Administration doesn′t take responsibility for any actions of Users and third parties using the Platform and also for any consequences of such actions.
3.10. Administration resolve the disputes and conflicts between the Users and encourages to resolve them independently in the private correspondence.

4. Limits of Administration’s liability

4.1. All services of the Platform are provided «as they are». Administration does not guarantee that the services of the Platform will meet your requirements and also doesn′t take any responsibility for the correspondence to Customer aim.
4.2. Administration doesn′t take responsibility for the breaks in the provision of services (downtime) caused by the technical disruptions of the work of the equipment and/or software.
4.3. Administration is not responsible towards the Users and other third parties for any incidental indirect damage including lost profits or loss of data caused by using the content of the Platform.
4.4. Platform can contain the links to the sites on the internet and other Content belonging to third parties. Such third parties and their content are not verified by the Administration for compliance with the requirements of conscientiousness, legitimacy and other requirements. Administration is not responsible for any information posted on the sites of third parties and the access to which you received through the Platform.
4.5. The link to any site, product, service, other information of the commercial and noncommercial nature posted on the Platform is not an approval or recommendation of these products and services by the Administration. From the moment of your access to the sites of third parties, the current Terms of Use are not valid.

5. Prohibited use of site

It is prohibited:
5.1. To register on behalf of the person you are not, to mislead the users about yourself, misrepresent yourself deliberately.
5.2. To post similar Products in different sections of the catalogue at the same time.
5.3. To delete and add your Products at once to attract more users attention to them.
5.4. To post the photos of Products from the magazines or Products of other craftsmen and to give them out as your own.
5.5. To resell someone’s Products if you didn’t take any part in their creation (except the Products of your relatives who in some cases don’t have access to the internet).
5.6. To represent the information about the services as Product ( E.g. «items painting», «jewelry repairs», etc.)
5.7. To post in any section of catalogue not the Product itself but a sketch, scheme or layout made in the graphic editor. In case when the product should be ordered by a specific sketch, scheme or layout, the main photo of the Product should demonstrate the sample of the finished product made by the craftsman who posted this product.
5.8. Up to 10 photos can be added to the description of every Product. All the photos in the description of the definite Product should demonstrate only this Product, except variations and modifications (including color variations of the same Product. It is absolutely forbidden to post the photos demonstrating different Products in the description of one Product.
5.9. To post on the Platform information about the sale or purchase of the Products which distribution is forbidden by the current United States of America law.
5.10. To post the information about the Products if this action violates the exclusive rights of the Users and third parties to the objects of intellectual property.
5.11. To post on the Platform any commercial advertisement, commercial offers, campaign materials, to spread spam, to make any mass mailing of messages and invitations to the Users of the site, to create the messages demanding their re-sending to other users, pyramid «schemes», multi-level marketing, any other disturbing information , except the cases when the posting of such information was approved by the Administration.
5.12. To post any information that is considered to be illegal, contains slander, threats, discredits or insults other Users or third parties, contains or promotes pornography and children’s erotica, offends morals, promotes intimate services, has the fraudulent nature, encroaches on personal and public interests, promotes racial, religious, ethnic hatred or feud, any other information violating the human and civil rights protected by law, promotes illegal activities.
5.13. To post any information, containing viruses or other computer codes, files and software created to disrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or software in order to implement the unauthorized access.
5.14. To use the Platform in any way that can prevent its normal functioning.
5.15. Collection and storage of the User′s personal information by any means.
5.16. To try to get access to other User′s login and password by any means..
5.17. To post the links to the sites on the internet which content is contrary to the existing laws.
5.18. To post on the Platform the links to your own sites, pages and blogs in the external resources and also to advertise any external sites explicitly or implicitly.
5.19. To use any publicly available section of the Platform for the discussion of disagreements, conflicts, disputes and other polemical discussions with others users and/or Administration of the Platform.
5.20. To post other information that, according to the Administration, does not correspond to the aims of Platform’s creation, harms the interests of other Users and is considered to be undesirable for the posting on the Platform for any other reasons.
5.21. To post any contact information (phone number, email, links to other resources) in the description of the Products or in your own profile-shop, except the cases when the posting of such information was approved by the Administration.
5.22. To sell only through correspondence without reflecting it in the section «My orders». The service of correspondence is used only for clarifying the details of the order and the order should be done with the help of the button «Buy» or «Order» and the page of order.
5.23. The general rules about the handmade products on the Platform and also the characteristics of some types of products are given below.

The term «handmade» on the Platform can be also considered as «made manually» or «changed manually».
- The simple change of sizes, reconstruction or repair of the product can’t be considered to be handmade product.
- To make the product handmade, the seller should considerable change the design of the product made from the «ready for assembling» set.
- The sale of the commercial products and the mass produced products on the Platform is forbidden (except the materials for handmade).
- You cannot post the handmade products not made by you (or the participant of your shop). It is considered to be the resale and that is why forbidden.
- All the items in the handmade categories should correspond to the rules of posting on the Platform.

The items that don’t correspond to the rules of the Platform can be submitted for consideration. The members who don’t follow the rules of the Platform can be subjected to revision that will lead to suspension and/or removing of the account. The members with the blocked or suspended account should pay all the outstanding orders according to the rules.

6. The rights of the Administration

6.1. Administration reserves the right to edit and/or delete any Content of the User if it contradicts the current Terms of Use, current United States of America law and also to the Administration’s discretion in some cases.
6.2. Administration reserves the right to limit the posting of User’s Products in the sections of catalogue and also to refuse to post the Products if they don’t correspond to the theme of the Platform.
6.3. Administration has the right to replace the Products from one section of catalog to another without notice to the User who posted these Products if according to the Administration they don’t correspond to the theme of the section.
6.4. Administration reserves the right to suspend and/or stop the action of your login and password, to delete login and password, to limit your access to the services of the Platform and also to block and/or delete any Content if according to the Administration, you violate the current Terms of Use and/or have illegal activities, if the Administration finds out that the User poses a threat for the Platform or its Users, and also if you didn’t use your login and password for four months with the prior notice or without it. In such cases the recalculation of the period of the Paid Tariff for the period of suspension and/or termination of login and password, and refund are not made.
6.5. Administration reserves the right to suspend and/ or terminate the action of all the services of the Platform in case if you don’t follow the current rules of tariff plans and/or other information given by the Administration of the Platform.
6.6. Administration of the Platform can send the information messages to its Users.
6.7. Administration reserves the right to change the design of the Platform, Content, the set of services, to change or add the existing software and other objects used or saved on the Platform, any server application any time on a unilateral basis.
6.8. Platform and the provided services can be partially or fully unavailable at this time or another due to preventive or other works of the technical nature. Administration has the right to make the necessary preventive works at this time or another on personal discretion with prior notice to the User or without it.

7. General information

7.1. The current Terms of Use make up an agreement between you and Administration about the use of the Platform and replace all the previous agreements between you and Administration;
7.2. The current Agreement is regulated and interpreted in accordance with the United States of America laws. The issues that are not regulated by the Agreement are to be resolved in accordance with the United States of America laws.
7.3. If for any reason one more issues of the current Terms of Use is invalid or void, this doesn’t influence the validity or applicability of the rest of issues.
7.4. Nothing in Terms of Use can be understood as and establishment of the agent relationship between you and Administration, joint activity relationship, a personal employment relationship or any other relationships that are not explicitly covered by the Terms of Use.
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