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DIY voluminous hat

5 Aug 2021
A voluminous hat looks beautiful with a coat, jacket. It is cozy and warm in autumn and winter. In the master class, step-by-step instructions for knitting a product.
You will need thick threads, knitting needles corresponding to the threads. The thicker the thread, the more voluminous the hat.
Step 1 Calculation of loops
When starting work, measure the volume of your head. Use a flexible tape measure or thread with a ruler. For example: 56 см.
In order not to make a mistake in calculating the loops, make a sample.
We collect 20 loops on the knitting needles. We knit with the main pattern 8-10 см.

Main pattern
We knit with the ′Elastic′ pattern: 2x2. Two facial, two purl.
Remove the sample from the needles. Count the number of loops in one centimeter. For example: two loops. Multiply the number of loops by the volume of the head. You will get the number of loops for the hat. Example: 56x2 = 112 stitches. On the hat you need to dial 112 loops two hem. Total - 114 loops.
Step 2 Turn
We knit an 8 cm elastic band 2x2: two front, two purl.

Step 3
We knit the next two rows with ′stocking knit′, face loops.

Step 4 Basic knitting
We continue to knit with a 2x2 ′elastic′ band the entire length of the product.

The length of the product depends on the turn of the hat: single turn - 8 cm; double fold - 16 cm.
We measure the height of the cap from the forehead to the crown. If you want to make an assembly at the back, add 3-5
Step 5 Assembling the product
We sew on a typewriter or manually the edges of the product.

Step 6 Finished product
We turn out the hat, make a turn.

The product is ready.
7 Aug 2021, 20:28
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