How to buy at the Platform?

16 Feb 2020
At the Platform you can purchase handmade gifts, folk art and handicraft samples, and handmade.

Pay attention that at the Platform you buy products directly from the Seller without fees, so it is better to discuss all the details directly with the Seller.

Making orders through the correspondence, without making them through the site, is a violation of Terms of Rules of the Platform. All the orders must be made completely in the site system.

To make an order:

Step 1

Add products you are interested in to the cart. Click “Add to Cart” button on the page of the chosen product.

Step 2

To proceed to checkout, click “Proceed to Checkout” button or “Cart” button

To remove a product from the Cart, click “Remove” button

To buy a product later, click “Buy Later” button, the product will appear in the list of “Favorites”.

Select the quantity of item units. Click “Checkout” button

Step 3

If you have not been registered at the Platform before - take a short registration. If you already have an account at the Platform - authorize and proceed to the next step. If you have already logged in, skip this step.

If you don’t receive a confirmation code on your email when you sign up, check your Spam folder

Step 4

Please provide the additional information to your order if necessary, leave a comment or question to the order.

Specify the delivery address. If this is your first order, click ′Add′ and specify the data required for the delivery (you can separately specify the data for address delivery or for the delivery to the postal office).

When you have completed filling the required information, click “Save” and select the shipping method, click “Continue”.

Please re-check all the specified data.
Select a payment method and click “Checkout”. The functionality of choosing the payment method is still in development, so you can click “Checkout” at once. The payment method should be discussed directly with the Seller.

Pay attention!
After checkout, until the order is not paid for, all the other orders made from the same Seller will be automatically added to the existing order.

When the order is completed, the Seller will receive notification about it and will contact you at the specified phone number or write a message at the Platform.

You can also write to the Seller using “Write Message” button on the Seller’s profile-shop page or on “My Orders” page.

If something does not suit you during the discussion of the order - it can be cancelled.

You can see the order status information as well as the history of changes using the “Details” button.

The basic information about the Seller has been added to the order field.
To read it, click “…” next to the Seller′s name.

To track a package after you have paid for your order, click the “Track Package” button

When the order is completed, don’t forget to leave the feedback.

You can change your feedback about the Sellers and their products on your own.

To change the feedback to an order, click “Show Feedback”, and then click “Edit”. Edit the feedback text and click “Edit”.
17 Feb 2020, 09:20
Дякую за зміни. А при виборі кількості одиниць одної й тої ж роботи буде враховуватись інформація, яку ми заповнюємо в характеристиках до роботи? Практично всі мої роботи виготовлені в одному екземплярі, і продати дві однакових я не можу.
Чарівна скриня: так, кількість одиниць, вказаних в характеристиках роботи, враховується при оформленні замовлення.
28 Feb 2020, 18:22
Дякую. Дуже корисні зміни
bobuin bob
17 Apr 2020, 14:49
Почему нет номера телефона продавца для прямого контакта ?
Степаненко Тамара
20 May 2020, 13:53
Жахливий інтерфейс, нічого не відповідає, не можу зробити замовлення.
21 May 2020, 10:14
bobuin bob: Номер телефона продавца Вы можете получить после оформления заказа, обратившись в администрацию. До оформления заказа Вы можете общаться с продавцом с помощью сервиса ′Сообщения′.
21 May 2020, 10:17
Степаненко Тамара: відповіли в приватних повідомленнях.
Тимофеева Нина
17 Aug 2020, 17:25
Который раз (наверное уже 4!!!) не могу сделать покупку - крутится шарик и.... все!!! Пожалуйста!!!! Сделайте правки в программу. Жалко что обязательно какие-то неполадки.
18 Aug 2020, 08:20
Тимофеева Нина: Попробуйте очистить кеш браузера или использовать другой браузер.
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