My Files. How to attach the photo?

6 Dec 2018
The functional “My files” gives an opportunity to use the loaded files many times.

You can add the file on the page “Messages”- “Chat/Dialogue”.

Currently the attached files of 5 formats are supported: jpg (.jpeg), .png, .gif, .bmp и .pdf.
The maximal size of one file is 10MB.

Once the file is downloaded, it will appear in the list “My files”.

To attach the file to the message, you should choose it from the list.

The total size of “My files” for the customers - “30MB”, for the sellers/organizators - “50Mb”

For the optimization by default, the option “Optimize photos” is activated.
When loading the photo in format “JPG” or “JPEG”, the photo will be automatically shrunk to the size of 900 px in width. This option can be turned off.

To delete extra photos press the button “Manage Files”

Files can be loaded from computer or phone
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