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9 Mar 2013

Amigurumi (Japanese ami - knitted nigurumi - toy) - the creation of small crocheted toys, that can fit in the hand. The technique comes from Japan and is specific for modern Japanese culture.
Mostly amigurumi depict humanized animals, less often - non-living objects turned into characters (plants, hats, cakes, apples with mouthes, eyes and ears). Frequently the anime heroes are depicted in a knitted format, such as Totoro.
So the traditional Japanese amigurumi get looks from animeshek: the same stylized features, the same kawainess (kawainiy - cute, pretty). The usual colors for amigurumi are bright, often pastel, contrast combinations like black with white or other light color are also popular.

Most often, amigurumi is crocheted in spirals, using the simplest schemes. The details of toys are made separately: head, body, paws, ′decorative elements′ like ears, tail, decorations of the future toy. Then each element is stuffed, and later all the parts are sewn. For stuffing - it should be uniform, not very dense – the fiber fillers are suitable, for example, holofiber. It is better to increase the weight of the limbs with plastic or glass balls - this will allow the toy to stand firmly on its feet.

The fabric off-cuts (e.g. felt), embroidery, the laconic décor with beads, etc. are sometimes used for the decoration of amigrumi. It is important to pay special attention to the face of the toy, which will show the character of the little hero.


Amigurumi can’t be considered as traditional and ancient techniques. Crocheted mini-toys are the creation of the modern candy-kawayan Japan, that was spread out of the country and found many fans overseas. In addition, crocheted toys are popular in America.


Those who crochet well can learn the simplest schemes and start creating their first toy at once. However, even the beginners can crochet Amigurumi. The simplest actions are used at work – double crochet, loops, chains. But crocheting the toys requires great attentiveness, in no case should the loops be missed while crocheting as later the problems with stuffing can appear.

The amigurumi technique gives a large space for fantasy, the opportunity to create exclusive and original things on the basis of not simple techniques.

Most of the schemes and descriptions of amigurumi are in English, but they are very simple, they will be easily mastered by a person with minimal knowledge of the language.

Expenses and income

The expenses on amigurumi’s creation are minimal - you need to purchase threads, a hook of the appropriate size and material for stuffing. The schemes can be easily found in the Internet. Anyway, it is possible to try yourself in this technique without any financial investments - probably everyone has several balls of yarn and a crochet hook at home.

The sales of amigurumi will justify itself if the artisan finds and develops a characteristic style that will make his toys unique. The heroes should cause the client’s desire to shelter them. That is why you should experiment with the expressions of the faces of the characters, and what is the most important, don’t forget about the sense of humor. And sure make the toys carefully, with attention and love.

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