Better photos of Pegasus plus albino tiger

3 Nov 2021

Hey! Today we will show in more detail our charming novelty - a snow-white pegasus, which has already flown to its lucky owner.

This is our first creation, absolutely all of the limbs of which move at four points - ′joints′. Thanks to this, they acquire the very highest freedom of movement for which we have been striving for so long. And which will henceforth be communicated to all our toys, where possible. Even to the tiny mice.

Also, it`s the first of our horse-like family, whose ears are of a different color from the inside. In particular, pink, as you can see. We have already successfully tested this solution on many other models and also plan to use it everywhere in the future. In general, all successful design modifications to any of our products automatically apply to all others.

Perhaps, this pegasus will be our first toy, according to which we will present a detailed master class. Let′s see.
In the meantime, just admire it in such wonderful company!

Thank you for being with us!
Be happy!

Пожалуйста, делитесь Вашими лайками, мыслями, впечатлениями!

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