Sweet faces suns, fine handmade crochet earrings for girls

3 Jan 2022
So we got to the suns, crocheted miniature handmade earrings!

Earlier we showed crocheted heart earrings and heart wings, and now it′s the turn of the suns.
As in other similar cases, the same crocheting pattern was used for the brooches of the sun, which you can see in our showcase. They are simply made in the finest yarn that we are able to work without magnifying optics.
Parts of the face are crocheted and embroidered in the same way. And even the method of attaching the hooks is similar to that which works on brooches.

Thus, as part of experiments with miniatures, we got such charming and extremely positive earrings of the sun, which will be very suitable for any fascinating and stylish girl or woman.
Such notes of enthusiasm and positivity will add concentrated drops of energy and youth to any look - evening, cocktail, and even business!

Traditionally, the strength of the product is very high, and the materials used are wear-resistant, which allows you not to fear about the earrings when wearing, storing, hand cleaning, or washing. In a set for these earrings, you can also buy a similar sun-pendant from us; all together will be cheaper than separately!

Now, in January 2022, we do not have these unique earrings in stock, we only make them to order. As usual, we offer wide personalization, within the framework of a custom order - execution in different colors, a different face, embroidery on the reverse side, and so on.

Thank you for being with us! Have a sunny year!

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