Miniature sofa, soft handmade furniture for dolls and toys PSK. Real chic!

22 Nov 2021
The next stage in the development of our line of toy furniture - a chic sofa!

A great evolution of the chairs you′ve already seen with us, right? We are extremely satisfied! In fact, from the very first armchair, we talked a lot about the sofa, as a symbol of companionship in our glorious little world of crocheted creatures. After all, an armchair or a throne, by definition, is for one character only, and a sofa already assumes at least a couple of characters sitting on it, or even more. In this way, we form charming miniature compositions, puppet meetings, and real toy parties!

In terms of quality, we are constantly seeking and mastering new heights and this small sofa meets all our strict requirements for durability, strength, and safety. It is a very soft item, reliably glued and powerfully fastened by nails hidden into the tree. Of course, this is all varnished in more than one layer.

The crocheted part is made in one whole piece and is reinforced with elastic string, which ensures a snug fit of the ′skirt′ to the wooden base of the sofa. The whole structure is thought out in such a way that the sofa can be easily disassembled and assembled.
Also, if necessary, it can be machine washed at delicate modes without any problems - the crocheted part, I mean.

Thus, we are pleased to share another successful step towards enriching your doll and toy world. Surely your favorite characters will be incredibly comfortable on such excellent handmade furniture and you will see them in a completely new light!
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