Miniature earrings tiny hearts. Crocheted soft handmade jewelry, good gift

28 Nov 2021
Today we begin to present in publications our earrings.

And let′s start with those that were the first in production - with miniature hearts.
Actually, in their size lies most of the charm, because we are talking about crocheting with crochet, which by eye can be confused with a large needle. And for a stylish connoisseur of handicrafts, these earrings are valuable in that finding an analog is not easy. If possible at all.

For us, this is the limit of the size of the instrument that we can work with without auxiliary magnifying devices. Initially, it was an experiment of finding the boundaries of a miniature, which we are physically able to master. Accordingly, we have found this limit for ourselves and are not going to move further in this direction yet. Perhaps someday we will embody something even less - within the framework of some kind of record, but hardly for sale. Such work is really hard. Between ourselves, we call it ′break the eyes′)))
And it is done in single copies - either to order or for special occasions and people.

At the same time, these earrings with honor pass the tests of the strength of everyday wear, washing, and drying. After all, the crocheted fabric is strong in itself and does not lose this property from size.
By default, we use hypoallergic surgical steel ear wires, but on request - any others.
The hearts themselves rotate relatively freely along their axis, taking different positions during wearing. They are lightweight, durable, and very refined in their laconic self-sufficiency.

Thanks for reading to the end!
Be happy!

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