Simply jaw-dropping Pegasus!

25 Oct 2021
Snow White Pegasus - in the studio!

But first of all, of course, we ask you to forgive the dreary quality of the photos. This is the following and, perhaps, the last time we tried to shove the unpushable into this poor smartphone. In general, of course, it is time to change it. But let′s get back to this handsome Pegasus!

Now for the first time, we will show not only the finished toy but also some instants of the process of its manufacturing. We think it will be interesting for our dear visitors to look behind the curtain of our workflow. We also plan to develop this format in the future.

So, here, as very rarely until now, we used a frame made of moderately stiff wire. Thus, the wings will never want to behave inappropriately, to bend anywhere, and so on. The ends of the wire are neatly twisted to prevent it from coming out of the fabric. The wire itself, along the main part of the wing perimeter, is sewn into two seams, which can be seen in the photo.

All limbs flex at three points, which provides the toy with exceptional flexibility and mobility. Shatterproof glass serves as a weighting agent, thanks to which Pegasus sits confidently in a wide variety of positions.

When working with snow-white yarn, we protect the fabric with suitable tape to avoid any rubbing, staining, etc. Thanks to this, the product simply shines, in the end! Although this is not visible in these photos.
I think in a week we will show it better.
And over time, we will provide a complete masterclass.

Thanks for reading till the end!
Пожалуйста, делитесь Вашими лайками, мыслями, впечатлениями!
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