Carved case for handmade jew′s harp. Lady′s shoe-shaped, wooden one. Unique

23 Jan 2022
For a long time, we have not reached the hands of the jew′s harp cases! Our favorite, carved, in the shape of a lady′s shoe!

During the time of our separation, certain thoughts regarding them have evolved, so now we take them up with new enthusiasm. The design is continuously being improved, leather inlays and new elastic line lock geometry are being explored, and various options for further aesthetic processing and refinement of these cases are being considered.
For comparison, the photo shows the native case of the maker of this jew′s harp, Dmitry Dziuba from Kherson.

As a result, these beautiful, unique, and absolutely functional jew′s harp cases are evolving and getting better. Among other things, we believe that soon you, dear readers, will see a wonderful painting on them, in different techniques.

This one, we believe, will simply be varnished upon completion. Among other things, because we need to explore new varnishes and how they are applied and further processed.
In fact, competent varnishing with polishing is also a rather time- and effort-consuming process, during which there are more than enough opportunities to spoil the product.

Thus, our creativity continues to be successfully implemented in this wonderful direction. We are sure that more than one happy jew′s harp owner and player would like to have such a glorious and absolutely unique case for their favorite musical instrument!

Make music and be happy! Thank you for reading us till the end!
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