Beaded jewelry and their care.

22 Nov 2020

Handmade jewelry, as a rule, is not for everyone. Since manual work is expensive. And if we have such a decoration, then of course we want to keep it in its original state as long as possible.

To do this, you need to properly care for and use our favorite jewelry.

Here′s a quick reminder.

Beaded jewelry will retain its original appearance for a long time if you take proper care of them. I inherited a beaded necklace, which eventually broke, but the beads did not lose their color and charm. Let′s remember a few rules.
1. Store bead jewelry in a flattened state, avoiding knots and twists. Before putting the lariat into storage, untie the knot and straighten the lariat. After all, the next day you can decide to put it on without knots, and during the night the lariat will remember the bends and it will take time for it to straighten.
2. Do not leave bead products in direct sunlight for a long time - beads may fade, and the line or monofilament, if used in the product, may heat up and lose its elasticity ..
3. The jewelry should not get into: alcohol, perfumery, cosmetics, hair styling products!
4. Some jewelry cannot be wetted, in particular if it is embroidery on leather.
5. To return a faded product to its shine, it must be carefully cleaned with flannel.
6. Wearing jewelry should be the last thing to avoid getting cosmetics, perfumes, hot air from a hairdryer and other things.

Jewelry from beads, beads and natural stones:
- clean with a dry soft cloth
- they are NOT washed in water
-Do NOT use any alcohol-based detergents.

1. Throw, hit them on hard objects, because beads, natural stones and glass beads are quite fragile material.
2. Apply lacquer, perfume, creams, etc., cosmetic or polishing / detergents to jewelry
3 Tug, deform, stretch, bend excessively.
4. Wash in water
5. Store near heat, sunlight, moisture.

6. Let them play with children.

My jewelry is beaded ropes knitted on cotton threads or braided on a fishing line, as well as a necklace.

In the most extreme case, in case of contamination, I can advise you to rinse the product in clean water with a small addition of baby shampoo, and dry it in a well-checked place, avoiding overheating and prolonged moisture of the product. BUT THIS IS AN EXCLUSION TO THE RULES AND IS ALLOWED IN THE EXTREME CASE.

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