Crocheted eyelids with eyelashes for soft toys - strong and beautiful ones!

14 Dec 2021
Eyes are an extremely important detail of any face or muzzle in general, and of a toy in particular. Lucky eyes can ′draw out′ a generally weak doll - just like unsuccessful ones - to ruin an otherwise quite good toy. Accordingly, creators of animated images pay great attention to this element and we are no exception.

One day we will shoot an extensive video in which we will tell you about our experience with a variety of toy eyes. And there is something to tell, because a lot of eyes passed through our hands - from cheap plastic ones to costly glass ones.
As a result, we crochet the eyes ourselves, from scratch.

In the meantime, let′s briefly tell you what we have come to today. More precisely, not about the eyes themselves, but about the eyelashes. More precisely, about the centuries with them.

In general, it is a serious challenge to reliably attach such a delicate part as eyelashes to a soft toy, which is created with the expectation of intensive use and occasional machine washing. Accordingly, this required a considerable amount of experiments - with different adhesives, fastening methods, the architecture of the entire structure, and so on.
It was neither quick nor easy.

We are happy to present to you that first piece that has performed very well and which sets a new direction and future for the eyes of PSK′s creations. Those who have been following our activities for a long time probably know that we have long wanted to change the eyes of our beloved bull Skyrider.

So here he is, our long-suffering pioneer of all improvements, in all the glory of his eyes!

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