Gift drawing, until 11.20!

14 Nov 2021
Hulloa! We invite you to take part in the drawing of three charming heart-wings, stylish handmade brooches.

The events that prompted us to such a lottery are described in more detail in the YouTube video (at the bottom of this page). In the same place, there are also all the simple details regarding participation in this event. And in short - we just share with you the joy of the growth of our Russian-language YouTube channel and in this regard, we are ready to give you three unique crocheted hearts with butterfly wings. Big and small - the winners will have plenty to choose from!

We also attach free delivery to one of the heart-wings to all countries to which Ukrposhta sends, and to all - free delivery in Ukraine.

Also, these pleasant events stimulate us to quickly implement what we already planned - to create high-quality master classes of our author′s products. Therefore, amateurs, and especially female ones, to create something beautiful and unusual with their own hands will find even more useful interesting things with us.

Thus, little by little, we are developing - thanks to you, dear visitors, admirers, and customers! Accordingly, we are getting even better. For which we thank you!

Take part in the drawing right now, because the time there is very limited!
Decorate the world - yours and your loved ones - with amazing winged hearts! And let′s sprout the wings of your hearts, take care of them!
We believe that you will get lucky!

There is also a little improvisation on the jew′s harp by master Alexander!
Be happy!

Пожалуйста, делитесь Вашими лайками, мыслями, впечатлениями!
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