The first two weeks of October 2021.

19 Oct 2021

The second week of the glorious October is already behind us. And while the varnish dries on the wooden bases of our dollhouse, toy furniture, we will tell you a little about the work done. And our cute cats will help us with this!

So, as part of the creation of the pegasus, the current scheme of the toy is being finalized - first of all, the limbs. The prototype in this case is milky; snow-white is already more perfect. Its constituent parts are not just cylinder-like, but closer to the cones, that is, to natural shapes. Thus, the snow-white pegasus will fly to its new happy owner, and the milky sample will remain in our workshop for technical needs. In a pair with a similar Skyrider, our beloved domestic bull.

You can also see improved hooves, similar to those of horses. Moreover, on the snow-white limbs, they have a central loop sewn up. For now, the most lovely ones are gold (yellow) and blue soles. Their meaning is that they reflect those stellar and heavenly distances where our fabulous creations - unicorns and pegasus - live and gallop.

A brand new tablecloth was also starched on the table. Of course, it suits it very well. It became noticeably neater. We are also waiting for beads for it. We will continue to experiment; maybe beads will make it even more elegant.
We keep working and creating. Everything is good!

Thanks for reading to the end!
Be happy!

Пожалуйста, делитесь Вашими лайками, мыслями, впечатлениями! ????
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