How to hold an exhibition of handmade dolls

30 May 2022
Any craftswoman dreams of holding an exhibition of her work.
In this article I will tell you what you need to know in order for the exhibition to be successful.

1. Find a room
The exhibition can be held in cafes, museums, schools.
You will need a small cozy room with good lighting.
My doll exhibition was held in the foyer of the church premises. The works of different masters were exhibited there. I chose a place near the column close to the entrance. So my products were visible.

2. Product preparation
Take out the needlework, lay it out and carefully check the details. I make dolls. Lots of small details. Clothes may wrinkle from prolonged lying.
3. Preparation of the month
I took the coffee table. She laid large boxes on the new one, draped small boxes on the beast.
For drapiruvannya vikoristala light plain fabric. She stabbed the fabric with heads.

4. Be respectful
Lyalki turned the great respect of the peeps. Leather so and striving to brush hair, cloth.
On the right, the maystra guard his robots and do not recognize the lookers. Be respectful and drink.
Hurry up with good fortune to make a video recording and a photo session.
Give respect to the cost-free photo session with your robots. Especially love children.
Good luck with creativity

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