Earrings. History and modernity

12 Sep 2022
Earrings are a familiar and beloved accessory. It is extremely rare to find a woman with an unadorned earlobe.
The history of the appearance of earrings is vague and goes back to ancient times, but it is known that this indispensable detail of the female image was originally intended for men. And they had not aesthetic, but rather a symbolic meaning, and different, depending on the area and era.
The ancient Persians had one earring in the form of a ring - a sign of a noble family.
For pirates, a gold earring in the ear is a payment for the transportation of the body and burial on land in the event of death in a sea battle.
Gypsies put an earring in the boy′s ear after the death of the previous child.
In Russia, the first earrings appeared in the 4th century BC, and served to determine the social status of the owner. Commoners and serfs wore only wooden and copper ones, while the nobility preferred gold and richly decorated with stones earrings. Many beliefs and signs were associated with earrings in Russia, some have survived to this day. Women in childbirth must remove earrings from their ears so that childbirth can be quick and without complications. In Russia, until the 16th century, earrings were called kolts, they were quite massive and they were put on the ear, and not threaded into the lobe. They were worn by women of all classes, guided by their own taste and financial situation.
The Cossacks wore one silver crescent-shaped earring without any decorations. Moreover, the owner of the earring in the left ear is the only child in the family, and in the right ear is the main breadwinner of the family. If the Cossack wore earrings in both ears, this meant that he was the last representative of the family.

Nowadays, earrings will tell about the good taste of the owner. It is also important to choose earrings depending on the occasion and style of clothing.
Business style is perfectly complemented by studs with a small stone insert, pearls or miniature rings are perfect.

For an evening trip to the club, a brighter and more brilliant option is appropriate. Fantasy design, original shape and many stones are the important properties of such earrings. The main task of decoration is to attract attention to the owner.

An official reception or an important event requires jewelry made of precious metals with inlays of natural stones. A laconic design is important here, showing the refined taste of the hostess.
Freedom in the choice of earrings for daily wear, we accept any design, material, color and type of inserts. The main thing is that they are combined with the image.

When choosing earrings, do not forget such a factor as height. Petite girls of short stature will not fit massive, long earrings that look so impressive on tall women.

It is important to consider age. Solid, adult women should opt for classic design earrings made of precious metals.
And plastic jewelry looks appropriate only on very young girls.

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