Love talismans stones part 2

21 Sep 2022
Love talismans stones part 1
Emerald helps to strengthen relations between spouses. I remember Roksolana′s favorite emerald ring, which she adored.
Pearls have contradictory properties. Traditions of many nations say that pearls are tears of the goddess of love. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from ′love tears′, it is better to wear pearls in a pair, for example: a necklace and earrings. Pearls are able to soften the pain of parting

Carnelian is another love talisman in the form of a stone. From time immemorial, its properties have been recognized to attract new love and evoke ardent passion. It has a beneficial effect on established relationships, brings new feelings to them, and restores trust. Carnelian transforms negative vibrations into positive ones. Wearing a carnelian product will help bring peace and fidelity to your family. Carnelian is a stone of the sun, heart and wealth, great for both women and men.
I remember the love of A.S. Pushkin to rings with carnelian. Possessing short stature and a very unattractive appearance, at the same time he was very popular with the opposite sex, had many passionate romances with the first beauties of secular society

Lapis lazuli attracts true love in addition to success and well-being, into the life of the owner! It is very useful for pregnant women, it helps to bear a child, protects against miscarriage. Brings to the surface and heals old grievances and mental trauma.
Blue Topaz brings peace and stability to unstable ′swing′ relationships.
Alexandrite has the opposite effect, it destroys love, brings discord into relationships. It is no coincidence that it has a second name ′widow′s stone′. It is believed that a girl wearing alexandrite will never marry, and a married woman will be unhappy in marriage or will be widowed early.
Аmber beads were put on the neck of the bride and groom for a quiet and peaceful family life, fertility and prosperity. And in the separation of lovers, amber helps to save their feelings through time and distance

For men, citrine, associated with the energy of the sun, the personification of courage, is suitable as a love talisman. The cheerful nature of citrine helps the owner cope with mechancholic and pessimistic moods, recharge with optimism and get rid of fears. Thanks to citrine, a man gains confidence in his strength

To use stones as a talisman, you first need to select the stone you need. When choosing a love amulet, you should first of all listen to yourself, understand your own feelings and sensations. It is better to wear stones on the chest, in the region of the heart chakra, in the form of a pendant, necklace, beads.
If you choose jewelry as a gift, be sure to do it with bright thoughts. Only stones charged with positive emotions become true friends, protectors and helpers in all endeavors!
I hope that in my store you will be able to find a piece of jewelry that will suit your heart and open it for great true love!
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