Wedding accessories

22 Aug 2022
On this great and magical day of the wedding celebration, every bride wants to look just gorgeous, so that the whole world lies at her feet, submitting to unsurpassed perfection. Everything should be perfect: hairstyle, makeup, dress, shoes and, of course, wedding jewelry for the bride.

If your wedding is close to the classic style, then pearl jewelry for the bride will be an ideal option. Firstly, the pearl itself is a symbol of purity, tenderness, fidelity, which is great for the occasion, and secondly, it can perfectly complement even the simplest dress, adding a festive light touch to it. Neck jewelry for the bride made of natural stones, such as rock crystal, presented in my store, will also be an excellent choice.

Wedding dresses are gaining more and more popularity not in the traditional white tone, but in soft pink, powdery, mint, light coral, lilac, purple, smoky blue shades. And in this case, we can help the bride in creating the image.

We also offer you exclusive brooches. This decoration can complement the outfit of the bride or bridesmaid. But it will look most elegant on the lapel of the groom′s jacket. Translated from French, the word ′boutonniere′ means ′a flower in the buttonhole of a jacket.′ The boutonniere is one of the oldest wedding accessories. Its prototype is a small bouquet, symbolizing mutual tenderness, love and fidelity. There are a lot of wedding jewelry in this color range in my store, so you can choose a comb, crown, twig, headband, hairpins for the bride for the boutonniere. After all, the harmony of the outfits of the bride and groom symbolize the unity of husband and wife, the bonding of two people with sacred bonds.
An important, and sometimes even a dominant role in the image of the bride is played by wedding jewelry on the head.

The fashion for tiaras, decorated with rhinestones, stones and pearl beads, came to us from Medieval Europe, where they adorned the graceful hairstyles of court ladies. Such accessories are perfectly combined with wedding jewelry and make the image of the bride luxurious. My store has medieval style wedding decorations.

Tenderness and lightness of the hairstyle are given by wedding wreaths traditional for Slavic girls. This hairstyle seems to symbolize the youth, purity and natural beauty of the bride. In addition to wreaths, there are a variety of wedding hoops, crowns, combs.

In addition, the convenience of head jewelry for the bride lies in the fact that it will be possible to conveniently attach a veil to them. Such jewelry with its sophistication and originality can outshine even the brilliance of diamonds.

If you want something original, then in my store you will find really unique handmade items that will create a unique individual image and delight and delight all your guests!

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