Love talismans stones part 1

20 Sep 2022
Talisman stones have been used by magicians since ancient times to attract love. They have powerful energy, are able to enhance attractiveness, sensuality, open the heart chakra.
Pyrite helps to form an optimistic outlook on life, and people who radiate joy and positive, like a magnet, always attract the opposite sex

Amethyst is rightly considered a stone of lovers, it helps to attract new love, and also protects existing couples from separation and reminds of the beauty and fragility of love

Garnet is a powerful stone for attracting love. He bestows passion, real feelings, devotion. This stone is able to open your heart, put your thoughts and emotions in order. He not only attracts love, but also awakens it in existing relationships. Pomegranate is able to store love energy for a long time, but it is not easy to charge it. Only genuine, deep feelings act on him. In order for a pomegranate jewelry to become a real talisman, fleeting passion is not enough.
As in A. Kuprin′s story ′Garnet Bracelet′: it was the jewelry with this stone, presented to the heroine, that became for her a symbol of love, which happens once in a thousand years. Pomegranate as a love talisman is suitable not only for women, but also for men, increasing the ardor of its owner and attracting the attention of the gentle sex. Not every man is able to cope with the storm, which is fraught with a pomegranate, so it is recommended to use it occasionally, when you need to accumulate determination before an important step

Turquoise, as the ancients believed, is the most reliable assistant in matters of the heart. Due to the ability of turquoise to accumulate negative energy, you should be especially careful about the color of the stone that you wear. A change in the color of the talisman may indicate a protective function performed.
Aquamarine helps to cope with the excitement in the presence of the object of sympathy at the first stage of the relationship. It will help you relax, feel at ease and free. Aquamarine is also customary to give before a long separation, it is believed that it will not let you forget the giving partner

If you have already found a lover, then jewelry with rose quartz or aventurine will help to keep him
Both stones are considered talismans of lovers and help to ensure that feelings do not cool down, do not turn into a routine.
Rose quartz is good for those who are insecure and shy in expressing their feelings. Rose quartz is a feminine stone. He gives reciprocity in love, protects during pregnancy. Unmarried women are helped to meet a good husband. Rose quartz teaches you to enjoy life, to forgive, to look at the world through the eyes of a child, to enjoy every moment of your life and to love yourself.

The tiger′s eye helps a couple in love overcome stubbornness, hear the partner′s point of view and come to an understanding

Love talismans stones part 2
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